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Road crane overturn

Background On a construction site, a road crane overturned during a lifting operation. This incident resulted in the construction site being shut down for 10 days and the crane being…


Damaged projectors: fast response required

The night before filming began on a reality TV show, a laser encoding session (computer programming of laser sweeping) led to an incident. Two video projectors were damaged during these…


Accident caused by construction machinery

A tower crane was set up to assist in construction work to build a multi-storey car park. However, an accident involving a piece of construction machinery caused the crane boom…


Construction site incident during tram line extension

A local authority decided to extend some tram lines. During the works, nearby businesses noticed an incident related with the works: a traffic roundabout and its 20-metre high reinforced earth…


Damage survey of a gas engine explosion

A grower of rare roses invested in a cogeneration unit to meet the energy needs of his greenhouses. The gas engine exploded a few days after its periodic maintenance.


Organic products not compliant with international standards

A biscuit and rusk manufacturer received a series of complaints from some organic stores in Europe. Analysis showed the presence of pesticides prohibited in organic farming, so its products did…