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Cable transport loss adjusting from Stelliant Loss Adjusting is essential in the mountains or at ski resorts to limit business interruptions…

Cable transport loss adjusting from Stelliant Loss Adjusting is essential in the mountains or at ski resorts to limit business interruptions

Traction transport settings

Cable transport is a very particular means of transport, requiring a certain level of technical expertise. It is primarily used at ski resorts or in urban transport such as funiculars.

Ski areas

Bad weather threatens mechanical lift equipment each season. Yet the resources of ski resorts, which make their annual revenue over just a few months, depend on this equipment to operate. Consequently, any incident occurring on this equipment threatens to bring operations to a halt.


Cable transport isn’t only used in ski areas; it is also used in urban settings to operate funiculars, for example. Incidents on this type of equipment can cause not only financial losses, but also major concerns for user safety. Consequently, it is crucial to have a perfect understanding of this equipment.

Cable transport risks

Whether in industry or tourism, the operator’s priority is making the equipment function properly. All operators are concerned about wear and wear, breakdowns and failures of the mechanical lift equipment.

A quick response is necessary, then, to restore transport services as soon as possible to avoid business interruptions and other financial losses
Working alongside insurers to manage each type of claim, Stelliant Loss Adjusting and its ultra-specialised loss adjusters are at the ready to respond urgently, at the request of insurers and their policyholders, whose business is suspended.

A responsive, connected approach to loss adjusting

In the event of a claim, Stelliant Loss Adjusting supports operators and insurers by mobilising the advanced technical expertise of damage specialists.

For example, in the case of a mechanical lift breakdown, the priority is to restore the equipment to service to limit business interruptions.

With technical innovations, Stelliant’s mechanical trades loss adjusters can use drones to quickly understand and measure the scale of the damage by looking at it from a higher angle.

Other loss adjusters then take over to impartially arbitrate the insurance procedures that apply to the claim and involve the various parties.

The Stelliant loss adjusters work together with agility, responsiveness and a human touch to offer a customised response to each claim, using:

  • their industry knowledge (maintenance equipment, civil, geotechnical, mechanical and electrotechnical engineering of mechanical lifts, etc.)
  • their perfect understanding of insurance challenges, especially in terms of material and immaterial losses.

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