Unreported damage when returning goods


When the vehicle is returned, the lessor finds damage that has not been reported by the lessee. The branch manager contacts the lessee, who initially does not respond to requests. After several reminders, the lessee finally replies but disputes the fact that the vehicle has been damaged during the hire period.

How Stelliant proceeded

If damage that has not been reported by the lessee is found when the vehicle is returned, it is essential to take proactive measures to minimise disruption to the equipment. It is imperative to organise a joint appraisal meeting in order to examine the circumstances of the incident impartially.

Stelliant Expertise summoned the lessee as well as any potentially responsible third party (carrier, manufacturer, etc.) to ensure a full analysis of the situation. During the meeting, a factual analysis of the causes and circumstances of the incident was carried out, using all the documents available such as the rental contract, the general terms and conditions and the entry/exit checklists.

This gave a clear understanding of the situation and helped determine the responsibility of each party involved. Consequently, the loss adjusters prepared a detailed appraisal report featuring a precise description of the damage observed, findings as to the causes of the incident and any liability ascribed to each party.


Resolving this situation not only enabled discussions to be initiated between the lessor and the lessee regarding direct damage and consequential operating losses, but also fostered constructive dialogue with a view to reaching a fair settlement. By putting an end to the vehicle’s downtime, Stelliant Expertise contributed to business continuity.