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Aware of the risks of fire, many companies have set up fire safety systems (FSS). Despite all the measures taken, there is no such thing as zero risk and professionals are not immune to a fire in their premises, in the car park, etc. When this happens, the material and…

Aware of the risks of fire, many companies have set up fire safety systems (FSS). Despite all the measures taken, there is no such thing as zero risk and professionals are not immune to a fire in their premises, in the car park, etc. When this happens, the material and financial consequences are significant and a company's survival can be jeopardised, whatever the scale. To meet these challenges, the Stelliant group is organized with agility to intervene alongside companies and professionals affected. Our ambition is to limit and then assess the damage, both material and financial, in order to facilitate a rapid resumption of activity.

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Business operations reduced to ashes by fire

Whether accidental or the result of arson, whether large or small, a fire has major economic, material and psychological impacts on a company. 

According to the INRS (French National Research and Safety Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases), 70% of companies facing a major loss such as a fire may be forced to close their doors within the months afterwards.

Even if the fire does not destroy the entire building, or all of the vehicles or production tools, it can make them unusable due to smoke, soot, pollution or any other deposits of substances on surfaces…

When working with these high stakes, both material and immaterial, there is an urgent need to do an effective fire loss adjustment to determine what started the fire before beginning the site decontamination process.

Fire loss adjusting: a job for P&C experts

As a specialist in P&C (property and casualty) insurance, Stelliant Loss Adjusting mobilises its resources as soon as a fire claim is reported. Our dedicated loss adjusters have the technical skills (specialist in major fires with the Paris Fire Brigade, etc.) and the state-of-the-art technological equipment (drones, 3D simulation, internal electricity/electronics laboratories, etc.) to perform in-depth investigations. 

Whether working on a vehicle fire in a car park or the complete destruction of a warehouse, fire loss adjusting draws on the human and material resources of the Stelliant Group. 

Our loss adjusters do a comprehensive investigation, from reconstructing the situation before the fire to studying different potential scenarios to identify exactly what caused the incident and propagated the fire. Their diagnosis is credible, supported by data collected with new technology such as 3D modelling. One of the goals of their work is to determine liability by examining the various technical documentation (standards, regulations, etc.) that governed the fire-damaged equipment.

After this liability phase, they are able to calculate damage and the amount of compensation. Last step: recommending after-loss solutions and coordinating remedial solutions (decontamination, clean-up, refurbishment, etc.).

Responding efficiently to minimise the extent of the material damage and operating losses – that’s our commitment to the insurers and companies affected.

A comprehensive offer, from fire loss adjusting to risk management

The Stelliant group offers much more than fire know-how.
We offer companies and professionals affected by fire a comprehensive and modular service covering the entire risk chain.

When necessary, our teams organize themselves in project mode, in a coordinated and complementary manner in order to offer a complete response to several aspects of the same disaster. For example, in the case of a factory fire:

  • A fire loss adjuster, project manager, to determine the cause of the fire and establish the liability regime.
  • A loss adjuster to assess the damage to the production equipment.
  • A financial loss adjuster to assess the operating losses.
  • A construction loss adjuster to estimate the extent of structural damage.

Once the damage has been resolved, our restoration and repair in kind subsidiary is commissioned to decontaminate the site. A 48-hour intervention made possible by a dense network throughout France.

Because raising awareness of fire risks among the employees of the affected company and studying the vulnerability of a site are effective preventive measures, our subsidiary INQUEST also offers its services. Its Fire and Explosion investigation unit is made up of a team of consultants, sapiteurs in Fire Causes and Circumstances Research (FCCR).

These fire specialists are familiar with the regulations in force and the various scientific investigation methodologies (such as NFPA 921). They rely in particular on state-of-the-art tools (drone, 3D modelling, electrical and electronic laboratory, etc.) to support their conclusions.

With several hundred interventions per year to their credit, these RCCI assessors are references in their fields, ready to assist companies, professionals and risk managers in their fire risk management.

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