Blackout during a live broadcast


During the live broadcast of a top-class football match, an unforeseen disruption occurred, resulting in a loss of feed. The incident prompted reactions of disappointment among viewers and fans present for this special occasion, but also for the advertisers.

How Stelliant proceeded

As part of the technical analysis aimed at resolving the loss of feed, a number of forceful actions were taken. Firstly, Stelliant Expertise immediately set about determining the underlying causes of this disruption, using tools and closely examining the entire broadcasting system.

Extensive tests were performed to identify any malfunctions, whether related to equipment, connections or other elements of the broadcasting process. A remedial plan was subsequently prepared and implemented methodically, including targeted interventions to resolve the technical problems identified, through immediate adjustments, the replacement of faulty equipment or other corrective measures.

During this process, constant monitoring was maintained to assess the effectiveness of the actions taken and make sure a stable feed was restored.


The implementation of an in-depth analysis of advertisers’ claims forms part of a determined effort to remedy the financial loss incurred.

The analytical process includes the clear identification of the advertisers’ grievances, the detection of any shortcomings in the services provided, and the development of concrete proposals aimed at correcting the financial damage suffered.