Road crane overturn


On a construction site, a road crane overturned during a lifting operation. This incident resulted in the construction site being shut down for 10 days and the crane being unavailable while repairs were carried out. With high financial stakes in this incident, the loss adjusters carried out a technical analysis, revealing that the accident was due to human error on the part of the crane operator, as well as a faulty setting of the Load Moment Indicator (LMI).

How Stelliant proceeded

Stelliant Expertise conducted an in-depth investigation to determine the exact causes of the accident. The team analysed the crane’s operating parameters, the crane operator’s actions and the settings of the Load Moment Indicator. The Stelliant Expertise teams also assessed the consequences of the incident for the construction site, in particular in terms of delays and additional costs associated with the downtime and repair of the crane. Recommendations were made to avoid similar incidents in the future and ensure a safe resumption of operations on site.


Stelliant Expertise’s explanations allowed for a clear understanding of the factors that led to the accident, confirming the combination of human error and technical fault. Thanks to this detailed analysis, stakeholders were able to understand responsibilities and take appropriate corrective action. Stelliant Expertise’s recommendations also helped enhance safety protocols on the construction site. Lastly, the report made it easier to manage compensation claims and enabled the effective resolution of the financial dispute relating to this incident.