Damaged projectors: fast response required


To ensure that the programme could go ahead, the producer hired replacement equipment. They planned to extend the rental for use on their next job at the Festival de Cannes.  

But as soon as it was assigned, Stelliant Loss Adjusting proved how quickly it could get things done. It was a major challenge: carrying out loss adjustment for the damages as quickly as possible, finding the cause of the malfunction, and carrying out the necessary repairs. The aim? To avoid incurring additional rental costs in order to minimise the financial risk. 

How Stelliant proceeded

Following the incident, the damaged video projectors were returned to the manufacturer in Belgium. 

In this kind of highly technical claim, the usual procedure would dictate that the Stelliant loss adjuster carried out an appraisal on-site as soon as the accident was reported. Thanks to its extensive national network, a broken machinery loss adjuster would have made it to the site that same day. This rapid response would mean that the joint loss adjustment could go ahead, the cause of the incident (defective LED or motherboard) could be identified, and a quote for repair obtained. The loss adjuster would have submitted their report within 48 hours and agreed to the repairs, and in less than a week, the video projectors would have been returned to the audiovisual team.  

But given the urgency, Stelliant Loss Adjusting leveraged its agilityAn online video loss adjustment was carried out, saving precious hours. No sooner were the findings completed than the broken machinery loss adjuster had authorised the manufacturer to proceed with repairs to the damaged video projectors. In the end, they were available to use at the Festival de Cannes.  

The Stelliant technical loss adjuster later conducted practical examination of the defective parts. This specialist in audiovisual equipment carefully checked the cause of the malfunction and accurately valued the damages, including the rental costs, the cost of repairs, and the shipping cost to return the repaired video projectors to the site. 

Thanks to its technical expertise, experience in handling this kind of incident, and its agile resources, Stelliant Loss Adjusting got the job done with unfailing efficiency. Its work was beneficial for all parties involved, in terms of deadlines and of costs. The policyholder was able to keep working without interruption and honour their professional commitments, saving the additional rental costs estimated at €40k. The insurer paid out fair compensation for the exact value of the damages incurred.