Oil and gas loss adjuster, the quick response needed for a claim

The global demand for energy is always growing. Heating, air conditioning, etc. Despite a commitment to move forward with the energy transition as set out in the law of 17 August 2015, and to use more green energies, oil and gas are still widely used resources. But in this rapidly…

The global demand for energy is always growing. Heating, air conditioning, etc. Despite a commitment to move forward with the energy transition as set out in the law of 17 August 2015, and to use more green energies, oil and gas are still widely used resources. But in this rapidly changing world, governed by strict regulatory constraints like the French Energy Code and the Seveso III Directive, the risks of incidents remain very real. This is particularly true with refineries ageing and extensive use being made of equipment such as immersion heaters, contactors and other heat exchangers, etc. When facing incidents with major environmental impacts, companies and professionals must be able to count on oil and gas loss adjusters to help them manage a crisis. Stelliant Loss Adjusting handles the emergency by mobilising a team of loss adjusters who specialise in the field to minimise damage caused to the environment.

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Large-scale risks

In the oil and gas industry, many different players can cause incidents: drilling companies, gas and oil equipment rental companies, pipeline transport companies, operators, etc. There is a new risk of an incident occurring at every step of the process, from exploration to production to processing, transportation and energy distribution.

These incidents have dramatic consequences, especially in terms of the environment: soil, air and water pollution due to infiltration or dispersion of oil, gas and chemical products, fires at oil sites causing devastating and sometimes deadly explosions, etc. Ten years after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, the environmental impact of this accident, which left 11 dead, is very real. With a spill of over 750 million litres of oil, the devastating consequences of this oil slick continue to impact marine plants and wildlife.     

These types of disasters stand out with their major economic and environmental implications. This is because whatever the event, it will have a large-scale impact on the environment. The response should therefore be quick and the loss adjustment should be done by specialists in the industry, engineers or technicians (trained geologists, hydrologists), who are able to recommend appropriate provisional measures to minimise environmental damage.

Immediate mobilisation when disaster strikes

As a specialist in oil and gas, Stelliant Loss Adjusting is aware of environmental issues.
This is why it sends a team of oil and gas loss adjusters to the site as soon as an incident occurs. The team knows the importance of a timely response. Our goal is clear: contain the incident as quickly as possible to minimise economic and environmental damage.

When faced with these emergency situations, our oil and gas loss adjusters are committed and mobilise to meet the challenge. Having worked in oil and gas infrastructures, they are able to quickly identify what caused the incident. Not only do they know the technical aspects forwards and backwards, they also understand the regulations governing installations classified for environmental protection (ICPE). They use state-of-the-art equipment, resistant to high heat, to do their work. In addition to surveying damage, our loss adjusters review other fire protection systems to prevent any risk of fuel or other inflammatory materials igniting. 

Business-line expertise mobilised to urgently recommend the provisional measures needed to protect the environment and minimise subsequent immaterial damage for the various parties. 

Oil & gas loss adjusters provide complementary and supportive services

In the event of a complex, highly technical claim, our loss adjusters organise themselves in project mode with :

  • A project manager loss adjuster to coordinate the intervention of several of the Group’s specialists and thus provide a comprehensive response to several aspects of the same claim
  • A material loss adjuster to assess the damage to production equipment
  • An environmental loss adjuster to determine the ecological impact of the loss
  • A financial loss adjuster to calculate the operating losses

Thanks to a planning tool and a collaborative platform, this team, formed on a case-by-case basis, carries out an agile and fluid appraisal, which is also made possible by the investment and support of our administrative teams.

Helping professionals to protect themselves against risks is also part of our mission. Our subsidiary INQUEST supports professionals and companies in the oil & gas sector in this process with tailor-made consulting and prevention services.

Its consultants in risk study, audit and management rely on high-performance technological tools (internal analysis laboratory, drone, etc.). They offer services both upstream and downstream of an incident, from training and awareness-raising to the Search for Fire Causes and Circumstances (RCCI) in the event of a fire starting on an oil or gas infrastructure.

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