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Unreported damage when returning goods

Stelliant Expertise takes proactive measures upon discovery of damage unreported by the lessee when returning the vehicle. A joint appraisal meeting is organised to analyse the circumstances of the incident.


Road crane overturn

Background On a construction site, a road crane overturned during a lifting operation. This incident resulted in the construction site being shut down for 10 days and the crane being…


Damaged projectors: fast response required

The night before filming began on a reality TV show, a laser encoding session (computer programming of laser sweeping) led to an incident. Two video projectors were damaged during these…


Weather-watching to insure an open-air concert

A few hours before the closing show at an open-air music event, the organisers thought they would have to cancel the concert following strong, gusting winds. Watching the weather appeared…


Cancelled rally: rapid response from an events specialist

Just a few months before the engines were set to start at a rally, one of the countries that was supposed to host several stages withdrew from the event. The…


Damaged artwork: the pivotal role played by a specialist art loss adjuster

A fire was reported in a private residence, a villa that was home to a major art collector. The residence contained collections of paintings and antique furniture, and therefore required…


Artistic loss adjustment for a damaged painting

A painting was damaged while in transportation, causing significant damage. The owner (a collector who was very fond of this particular piece), contacted their insurer with a view to conducting…


Testing following a wine fault

Following renovation work to a wine cellar that saw the installation of 18 stainless steel vats, a wine fault was discovered in the wines stored by the winemaker.


Accident caused by construction machinery

A tower crane was set up to assist in construction work to build a multi-storey car park. However, an accident involving a piece of construction machinery caused the crane boom…


Damaged steam turbine in an incinerator

The bearings of a steam turbine in a household waste incinerator were damaged following a lubrication defect, halting the production of electricity.