Technical risks

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Blackout during a live broadcast

During the live broadcast of a football game, a disruption led to a loss of feed, causing disappointment among viewers. Stelliant Expertise responded quickly by launching an in-depth technical analysis…


Damaged artwork: the pivotal role played by a specialist art loss adjuster

A fire was reported in a private residence, a villa that was home to a major art collector. The residence contained collections of paintings and antique furniture, and therefore required…


Artistic loss adjustment for a damaged painting

A painting was damaged while in transportation, causing significant damage. The owner (a collector who was very fond of this particular piece), contacted their insurer with a view to conducting…


Damaged steam turbine in an incinerator

The bearings of a steam turbine in a household waste incinerator were damaged following a lubrication defect, halting the production of electricity.


Telescopic handler accident at work site

A construction firm hired a telescopic handler from a speciality hiring company. During use, the telehandler tipped over but luckily no one was hurt.


Dam collapse due to heavy rains

Heavy rainfall caused the collapse of a hydroelectric dam while work was under way to create an extra channel for the reservoir. The reservoir’s capacity needed to be increased to…


Airliner grounded by hydraulic fluid leak

While taxiing for take-off from a Parisian airport, a large airliner suffered a hydraulic fluid leak at one of the flanges of its braking system.


Marine damage survey of a rammed yacht

A yacht was being delivered to a reseller on over-sized transport, before its final delivery to the customer. During the journey, the transport passed under a bridge that was lower…