Construction, building and public works

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Unreported damage when returning goods

Stelliant Expertise takes proactive measures upon discovery of damage unreported by the lessee when returning the vehicle. A joint appraisal meeting is organised to analyse the circumstances of the incident.


Road crane overturn

Background On a construction site, a road crane overturned during a lifting operation. This incident resulted in the construction site being shut down for 10 days and the crane being…


Accident caused by construction machinery

A tower crane was set up to assist in construction work to build a multi-storey car park. However, an accident involving a piece of construction machinery caused the crane boom…


A fire destroys a company’s offices

A fire was reported in offices belonging to a small business, completely destroying the building.


Fire when installing air-conditioning

While installing an air-conditioning system, a work-site fire was reported when workers were carrying out welding on the 5th floor of a building.


Telescopic handler accident at work site

A construction firm hired a telescopic handler from a speciality hiring company. During use, the telehandler tipped over but luckily no one was hurt.