Civil liability

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Testing following a wine fault

Following renovation work to a wine cellar that saw the installation of 18 stainless steel vats, a wine fault was discovered in the wines stored by the winemaker.


Delicate removal of buried fuel tanks

A member of the public discovered buried fuel tanks on his property, with manhole access to the tanks that could still be accessed. Some 30 years earlier, the site was…


Risk of a nuclear incident following routine maintenance

A power station was replacing the nuclear fuel in one of its reactors, as part of routine maintenance. Foreign bodies were then detected in the fuel assembly, incurring the risk…


Blackout at a petrochemical plant

Operations on the high-voltage electrical grid caused a power outage for several minutes in north-eastern France. Among those affected was a large petrochemical plant where several units were then at…


Rejection of a hydrochloric acid delivery

A Portuguese haulier delivered a 20-tonne load of hydrochloric acid from the production factory to the end customer’s premises. However, the recipient deemed the product was not in conformity and…


Microbial contamination of cosmetics

An individual reported an organoleptic non-conformance of a cosmetic product after using it on a child. Analyses conducted by the manufacturer raised a suspicion of microbial contamination.